Targeting the dental market? We’ve got the data you need!

As a supplier of dental products, pharmaceuticals, material and services, you may find it hard to track master data on dental clinics to narrow down your target group and define Ideal customer profiles.

Also, if you are considering expanding your reach or improving your dialog with dental clinics, you need an optimized overview of who is who.

aPureBase has built a master database of dental profiles in numerous European countries – in the Nordic countries alone we have more than 20.000 contacts. In addition, we have access to a unique network of data providers including dental data across the world.

Why choose us?

Our database is continuously updated and offers real time data. It provides an optimized granularity, enabling advanced targeting which leads to more cost effective and efficient implementation and roll-out. Finally, we take pride in serving our customers personally, meaning when you call us, we answer and handle your request immediately.

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to get a quotation or a list of dental data in the specific countries you want. You may also send an e-mail to