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Data is not valuable if improperly used.

aPureBase offers along with a range of other products also a number of value added services.

Having quality data is irrelevant if you do not know how or when to use it or how to use the CRM system in which it is stored. This will cause the gathered data to be incorrectly saved in your CRM system or never applied correctly.
That is why aPureBase offers you with a set of tools that will teach you how to get the most out of your database.

Examples of value added services:

  • Segmentation – what customers are important and who is irrelevant?
  • How to carry out segmentation and target specific customer subgroups.
  • Education in using your CRM system and how to create value with your data.
Value added services are add-ons or single purchases that aPureBase provides because we acknowledge that knowing how to handle your data is part of what makes it quality data.
We also know that CRM systems can be complicated, which makes many people reluctant to never use it properly. However, with a little help we can get you very far and enable you to use the system to its full potential.

Let aPureBase help you find the right data solution for your company.
Then you only pay for what you need