Verify your customers from the healthcare industry with PureVerify

Many pharmaceutical- and medico organisations’ websites contain some type of registration form, where HCPs like doctors can enter their personal information such as name or speciality. It is, however, not always that the data they enter is correct. This causes the information you hold on your clients in your CRM system to be flawed.

PureVerify is connected to your website’s registration form and enables your portal to validate the information that the HCP enters on your website based on a number of query parameters.

The service includes the following query parameters

  • The official license number (e.g. in France the RPPS number).
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Zip code
  • City name
  • ISO country code
  • Practice name
  • Street name and/or house-number.


The service answers with a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or XML if a person is found or not found.

If the person is found this person will show up with a unique ID within the database (Data provider ID), the type of person (e.g. hospital specialist, GP etc.) – in local language, the educational specialty and their status i.e. HCP or not. 

PureSave is currently available in:

Big 5 region

– Germany (DE)
– France (FR)
– Italy (IT)
– UK (UK) – including Ireland
DACH region
– Germany (DE)
– Austria (AT)
– Switzerland (CH)

Benelux region

– Belgium (BE)
– The Netherlands (NL)

Nordic region

– Denmark (DK)
– Sweden (SE)
– Norway (NO)
– Finland (FI)

Balkan region

– Bulgaria (BG)
– Serbia (RS)
– Slovenien (SI)

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