Comply by the EU Directive on e-marketing and avoid fines

Sending e-mails is an effective way of carrying out sales- and marketing activities. However, it is by law illegal to send promotional e-mails without having the receiver’s consent beforehand.

Many people find the process of collecting these e-mail permissions very tedious and time consuming. Therefore it is not uncommon that most of these people decide to give up and thereby miss out on the many potential benefits that come with e-mail marketing.

Let aPureBase collect the e-mail permissions for your campaign

We have a dedicated team of phoners who are able to collect the e-mail permissions you are looking for. We call on behalf of you and get the consent that is required for you to send promotional e-mails.

This way you are provided with a list of people who have given their consent, which you are free to use right away for your campaign.
The e-mail permissions are collected for specific purposes. Examples include customers signing up for electronic newsletters or giving their consent to receive campaign or product material.
aPureBase can gather permissions from all types of stakeholders within the healthcare industry, and due to our large and valid database of healthcare professionals, we are able to collect permissions from a large number of stakeholders, that may not already be in your database.

Let aPureBase help you find the right data solution for your company.
Then you only pay for what you need