Everything you need to know about aPureBase

aPureBase is a global scale pharma data provider. We collect and enrich information on doctors, specialists, general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, dentist, key opinion leaders (KOLs), decision makers, health authorities and other influencers within the healthcare environment, hospitals and healthcare related institutions and organisations. We help clients with e-mail permission management, sales and marketing activities, data cleaning, targeting and segmentation tasks and aggregate spend solutions. Through a strong formalised partnership between well-established local data providers, aPureBase delivers a broad range of data solutions to lift tasks for our clients worldwide.
Finally, we take great pride in our flexibility, our high data quality and speed in data implementation

We deliver data on healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations to facilitate the dialogue between these and the pharmaceutical industry.

aPureBase data do not need further investments in software. We deliver superior service at low costs and provide data for all CRM systems.

Our value added services and data can be a supplement to the data you already have in your system today.

Consider our name aPureBase… “a • Pure • Base” — a refined database with information on healthcare professionals. This is exactly what we stand for and how it was thought from the beginning. It is a single-source, CRM system independent database with information on healthcare professionals. From day one the goal was to help the healthcare industry with disseminating knowledge about new and innovative disease treatments to healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders in the most effective and cost efficient way. We challenge the existing market by proactively updating our data to ensure that errors are corrected before they are loaded into our clients’ database. We also differentiate ourselves with our outstanding database structure, which is built from data supplied by our local partners. This gives us a much better understanding of the country specific data and a higher granularity in the data. I am proud to say that aPureBase has truly grown into something big. With clients all over the world and with dedicated employees that skillfully handle our clients’ data, we perceive ourselves as the superior choice on the market. With aPureBase you get flexibility to have it your way, fast data implementation, and guaranteed high quality data due to our proactive drive.







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