Read about what it means to be a part of the aPureBase customer database

aPureBase is a Danish company that collects, updates and validates data on healthcare professionals.

We’re writing to inform you that we have registered information about you in our customer database.

Our customer database does not contain any personal or sensitive information; only work related details that are already either publicly available or received through a dialogue with you and your organisation.

The info we store could for instance be name, position, working place, work phone number and e-mail (which we only use for marketing purposes with an e-mail permission – this e-mail is sent as a service announcement ).

What will it be used for?

You are in our database because you are either a supplier, partner, lead, customer or other business contact. We use the information for maintaining our business relationships as well as for marketing and sales purposes when working with the healthcare and life science industry. We store this data for as long as it is relevant for our business purpose of providing data for the pharmaceutical and life science industry. 

Registration of your details in our database is in full agreement with current laws. Registration of data complies with the applicable European Privacy Legislation and we process data in accordance with article 6, paragraph 1 (f), of the General Data Protection Regulation.