Mailing Tool - Extract your mailings with aPureBase

The aPureBase Mailing Tool makes extracting mailing lists easy and painless

What is the aPureBase Mailing tool?
The aPureBase mailing tool is a stand-alone system that can be used to extract mailing lists using aPureBase HCP and HCO data. It can be used as a supplement alongside an existing CRM-system, or be used by itself for lighter CRM-system activities like mailing lists.

Who should be using it?
The tool can be used by all departments working with mailings targeting HCPs or HCOs. You need an internet access as well as Excel if you want to be able to open your downloaded mailing list. With those two ticked off, you should be all set to send out your mailing.

Why should you be using it?

The mailing tool is connected to the aPureBase data universe, ensuring that you always get the latest data counts and updates in your extractions. It solves issues with CRM-systems that are focused on sales activities rather than marketing and mailing activities.

If you don’t need an extensive CRM-system but still send out mailings, then the Mailing tool is the perfect fit for you. You can buy either a license for unlimited extractions, or choose a limited amount of times you can extract a list. Remember though, that each extracted list is only viable for three months after the extraction date.

Our Mailing tool is intuitive, easy to use and comes with a great data set that is proactively updated by our local data teams. You can easily create the segmentation you need (and save the same segmentation criteria for later!), see the available counts in your aPureBase selection – but also see how much you can expand your own aPureBase universe with, simply by increasing the selection you initially created together with aPureBase. 

Let aPureBase help you find the right data solution for your company.

Then you only pay for what you need