Join us and hundreds of other industry professionals at the 14th annual eyeforpharma conference, March 15-17´

Eye for Pharma knows best, and these are their reasons as to WHY you should join us in 2016:

  1. This year, we have 25 speakers from senior leadership teams (VP & C-suite) with another 20+ attending
  2. This year, we have 85% more pharma attendees compared to last year. To give you an absolute number that’s over 550 pharma attendees and counting
  3. The attendees really are the people that you spend weeks, sometimes months, trying to get a hold of.

The fourth reason is of course to come have a chat with us!

Thanks to our sponsorship, we can get you a €200 discount!

Read more about the various entrance passes and use the discount code Pure200 when you book online here:

Written by Caroline Erup Widriksen