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Eye For Pharma, Barcelona 2016: 3 days with innovative approaches and insights

Thank your for all the visits at our booth. The interaction report from the conference showed that data was among the main topics discussed. And we are not surprised, as we know that you stand stronger with the right data on healthcare professionals.

Our highlights from the conference are:

1. Content is king for pharma
Customers are bombarded with media from the minute they get up to the minute they go to bed, so if your content isn’t professional, informative and delivered through a variety of media types then people won’t read, watch or listen to it. Multichannel is now as much about multimedia as it is about technology.

2. Moving from ‘push sell’ to ‘pull engagement’
Building on the above point, there were some excellent presentations from individuals within pharma on the important of ‘engaging’ with customers and building a two-way dialogue rather than simply ‘selling’ to them.

3. Digital listening hits the mainstream
Research is now being conducted using Facebook and Twitter with the same rigour as traditional offline non-interventional studies, but with higher volumes of data, quicker and at a fraction of the cost. Accurate data means trust
Trust is a key driver when working with a CRM system. More resources are spend on the data infrastructure analysis to bring more value to the users

4. Becoming the trusted partner
The theme for eyeforpharma Barcelona 2016 was ‘trust’ and how the industry could become a trusted partner.

Healthcare systems need pharma, doctors use their products every day and patients would be far worse off without them. The above mentioned trends show that the industry is moving in the right direction. And that’s not a bad start.


Written by Caroline Erup Widriksen